Human Rights, Research & Advocacy

The Samburu Women Trust believes in elevating the voices of indigenous women and girls.

SWT uses different tactics to provide a safe and welcoming environment for indigenous women and girls to exercise their human rights.

The following are some of the methods that Samburu Women Trust uses to achieve its objectives in this programme.

Our Solution


Supporting processes that contribute to documentation of Human rights violations among women and girls in indigenous communities.

Knowledge Management

Enhancing knowledge management and dissemination of information among project beneficiaries and its partners.

Amplifying Voices

Amplifies voices of women and girls among indigenous communities to influence women friendly policies and decision-making processes.

Alternative Justice Systems

Promoting Alternative Justice Systems (AJS), referral mechanisms and empower local structures at the community level to adopt Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms as methods of conflict resolution to strengthen access to justice among victims of human right violations.

Mentorship & Sponsorship

Supporting girls’ victims of Harmful Traditional Practices (HTPs) access to education, skills building, change mindset, offer guidance and counseling, psycho-social support through mentorship and sponsorship.

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