Jane Meriwas

Executive Director

Jane Naini Meriwas, Executive Director, an indigenous woman, a mother, feminist, women human rights defender and community development practitioner for more than 20 years advancing women and girls rights among…

John Leparsanti

Head of Programs

John is currently the SWT’s Head of Programs. As a nonprofit leader and manager, he has extensive experience in human rights. In addition to his expertise in organizational management and…

Alice Mwangi

Finance Officer

Alice is a full member of Certified Public accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) with over 5 years of experience in financial management of grants from various Donor Funding. She is a…

CPA Lodopapit Simion

Finance Assistant

Lodopapit Cyprian Simion is an extremely motivated individual with a natural ability to handle accounting and financial matters. He is an innovative thinker with impeccable attention to detail. He is…

Program Officer Gabriel Lerantilei is a well-rounded and experienced nutritionist and food security specialist with 5+ years of demonstrable experience offering technical support in nutrition and livelihood within multiple programs…

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Rufina Rhoda

Project Officer

Rufina holds a BA in conflict resolution and humanitarian assistance from MMUST. Her passion is to see Alternative Dispute Resolution implemented in grassroots communities. Her career began with Food For…

Licho Guyo

Program Officer - Women Economic Empowerment

Licho is a dynamic, results-oriented programs officer with extensive experience identifying and resolving strategic and operational issues. She believes in strengthening Indigenous communities and putting them on a path to self-sufficiency through capacity building projects. Licho strives to create ensure that indigenous peoples perspectives are heard, recognized, and valued, using a modern approach.

Solomon Lemiriwas

Program Officer - Land & Natural Resources

Solomon is a highly dedicated professional with over 5 years of experience in all aspects of project coordination and implementation within the NGO & humanitarian space, most recently he worked…

A communication practitioner whose journey seamlessly merges the disciplines of communication and journalism, creating a rich tapestry of skills and experiences. With a deeply rooted background in both broadcast and…

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Elina Lanyasunya

Communication Officer

Elina is an experienced communications professional with love for the written word, photography, and graphic design. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Journalism from MMU. Elina is passionate about sustainable…

Boniface Lolkitekui

Logistics Officer

Boniface is a dedicated and trustworthy Car Driver with a proven track record of attentiveness, punctuality, and safety. He has a track record of completing driving duties over a wide range of terrain and distances. His driving experience spans more than two decades. Boniface worked as a long-distance trailer driver for an oil firm before joining Samburu Women Trust.