Capacity Development & Institutional Strengthening

SWT aims to enhance the capacities of project beneficiaries, the secretariat, and the board of trustees to effectively carry out programs. To bolster its grassroots efforts, SWT has established itself as the leading grassroots organization among indigenous communities in Kenya, advocating for the rights of women and girls.

 Through mentorship and advocacy Local indigenous women and girls champions have emerged, overcoming community exclusion fears, to lead awareness campaigns against regressive cultural practices. Beneficiaries of SWT’s initiatives are now empowered to report incidents and seek justice for victims of violations.

 SWT also emphasizes the importance of solidarity with other organizations to address risks faced by women human rights defenders from non-state actors, such as family, community, and informal groups. Support systems for at-risk women human rights defenders have been developed by institutions like the National Human Rights Institutions.

Our Approach

Security of Tenure & Community Land Protection

This is accomplished through regular refresher trainings, benchmarking for linkages, learning and skills building.

The organization is governed by policies and framework that guide its operations.

To ensure sustainability, mobility and institutional existence, SWT prioritizes on mechanism that promotes its effective service delivery through obtaining assets such as land, motor vehicle and furniture’s that contribute to its effective growth.

To ensure continuity of SWT’s work, the organization prides itself on having in place strengthened structures for dissemination of information and facilities that aim at enhancing continuity of culture and its sustainability.

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