Climate Change, Land & Natural Resources Governance

Indigenous communities have been subjected to devastating impacts of climate change, conflicts, droughts and threats for displacements from their ancestral lands by government agencies to pave way for development projects.

We promote indigenous peoples driven mechanisms to address climate change challenges and providing sustainable solutions.



Our Solution

Security of Tenure & Community Land Protection

Advocating for indigenous women effective participation, governance, inclusion in decision making processes, management, ownership and control of land and natural resources. We also support community land registration processes and engage key actors.

Traditional Knowledge

We promote traditional knowledge in mitigating and providing solutions to climate change. This is through encouraging adaptation of traditional early warning mechanisms.

Innovative Mechanisms

Enhancing innovative strategies to blend both traditional and modern methods to combat climate change eg establishing community owned cooperatives, encourage insurance of livestock, strengthening water harvesting mechanisms, promoting drylands restoration and enhancing livestock product market linkages.

Women Friendly Approaches

SWT advocates for women friendly approaches to mitigate the impacts of climate change that include; keeping drought resilient livestock, conduct drylands restoration, establish sand dams and improve on traditional water harvesting methods.
This is geared towards safeguarding food security among the indigenous communities to combat the effects of climate change.

Natural Resource Based Conflict Resolution

Due to persistent droughts, natural resource-based conflicts are rampantly experienced among indigenous communities. In addressing these challenges SWT engages the following methods to enhance conflict transformation and enhance peaceful coexistence among communities; organizing community peace dialogues, promote ADR mechanisms in peace building, strengthen existing local governance structures and work closely with other CSOs, opinion leaders, Faith based organizations and relevant government security departments.

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