9TH ANNUAL NATIONAL INDIGENOUS WOMEN CONFERENCE 12 -14 & 15 August 2024, Nanyuki Sports Club, Nanyuki - Kenya.

Indigenous communities bear a disproportionate burden of climate change, with Indigenous women facing triple marginalization and exclusion from decision-making, worsening poverty and displacement. Kenya’s Climate Change Act 2016 and Community Land Act (CLA) 2016 provide crucial legal frameworks for addressing climate change, but Indigenous women often lack participation and information access.

For the past eight years, Samburu Women Trust (SWT) has organized an annual symposium to develop cohesive policy recommendations. This year’s theme is “Building on Opportunities and Challenges Affecting Indigenous Women and Youth in Climate Change Negotiation, Land, and Natural Resource Governance.” The conference hosts the Indigenous Women General Assembly, bringing together grassroots women from 80 Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASAL) clusters in Kenya. The assembly aims to validate social movement directions, provide feedback, and discuss strategies to strengthen women’s alliances, enhance collective action, resilience, and visibility in policy discussions shaping women’s rights.

In preparation for the 9th Annual National Indigenous Women Conference, Samburu Women Trust and Indigenous Women Council will host forums to prioritize grassroots women’s agendas, facilitate learning, and foster donor collaboration and funding for Indigenous women.

The event will be conducted in three parts. From August 10-11, there will be an Indigenous women’s roundtable forum with funders to foster collaboration and funding. On August 12-14, participants will engage in presentations and discussions on the opportunities and challenges faced by youth and Indigenous women in the climate crisis, land tenure rights negotiations, and natural resource governance. Finally, on August 15, Indigenous representatives will visit communities to address emerging issues and observe good practices at the community level.

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