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Climate Change, Land &..

For quite some time indigenous communities have been subjected to devastating impacts of climate change, conflicts, droughts and threats for displacements..

Women Economic Empowerment

Indigenous women have been largely excluded in economic opportunities due to societal norms, existence of non-gender responsive policies, limited access to infor...

Human Rights, Research & Advocacy

We amplify voices of women and girls among the indigenous communities through enhancing a safe and friendly environment for indigenous women and girls’...

Capacity Building & Institutional...

Samburu Women Trust enhances capacities of its’ project beneficiaries, secretariat, board of trustees to adequately implement and monitor its programs..

Grant Making / Funding

SWT implements its programs with financial support from donor funding, foundations, well-wishers and membership contributions. The organization strategically places itself as a center for resource


Your support helps us act, empower and advance women's social, economic & civil rights.


We are an indigenous women-led organisation that champions the rights of women and girls among indigenous communities through strengthening and supporting their capacity and agency to influence policies, decision making processes, and address harmful cultural practices while promoting positive culture.


We envision a society that upholds human rights, fundamental freedoms, and the well-being and dignity of women and girls among indigenous communities.


The abolition of harmful traditional practices that oppress women and girls, amplifying their voices and improving their well-being.


We believe in promoting rights, educating, recognising and uplifting indigenous women and girls through collective voices.


  • Professionalism
  • Innovative and Action oriented
  • Integrity
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Respect for culture
  • Gender equality
  • Passion for human rights


We build deep connections with indigenous peoples' aspirations and culture.

For years, our organisation has collaborated with Indigenous communities to support Indigenous People-led community organisations. We frequently address the interconnected issues of supporting vibrant communities, strong cultures, and viable economies.


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