The Samburu Women Trust has formed a partnership with the National Land Commission to train both local bloggers and mainstream media personnel on land, develop a media guide on land reporting, and support efforts to strengthen government structures at the county level, among other things.

NLC and SWT will provide critical technical assistance in the project’s implementation, research and documentation, technical staffing, and mobilization of key professional bodies and relevant associations.

The partnership also aims to strengthen the commission’s and SWT’s collaboration in the areas of

  • Establishing a community land media training center, among other things.
  • Training bloggers and alternative local media
  • Organising thematic stakeholder forums
  • Promoting alternative dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Development of advocacy strategies
  • Development of thematic communication , education and public awareness materials.

While the partnership is between the NLC and SWT, there are other agencies involved, such as the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning, county governments, the Kenya Science Environment Journalist Association (KENSJA), the Editors Guild, and other land stakeholders, who will provide support and services in the partnership’s implementation.