This year’s Indigenous women national preparatory forum will take place in the beautiful Baringo County Government. The Preparatory Forum is shaped by indigenous women clusters.

The National Indigenous Preparatory Forum is a learning place dedicated to enhancing women’s abilities.

It provides skills and knowledge to the women cluster representatives in order for them to effectively advocate and influence change at the national and international level.

The forum empowers them to take a more active role in their communities, giving them their own voice and a greater sense of leadership.

This year National Preparatory forum theme is Strengthening Indigenous women capacities to influence policies and improve their inclusion in decisions making.

Participants are drawn from the fourteen (14) arid and semi-arid counties (ASAL) that are home to indigenous and minority communities, with a particular emphasis on indigenous communities in Kenya’s South Rift region.

The last day of the preparatory forum, October 15, will coincide with the United Nations International Day of Rural Women. SWT will join other minority communities in celebrating the day at the illchamus Women Cultural Centre.

The event is a link and learning platform for indigenous and minority communities to celebrate our diversity, inclusiveness, heritage, & community cohesion.