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Indigenous Women Forum For IWC Networks & PARAN Alliance Members

Indigenous women’s social movements are deliberate and well-organized, with the goal of bringing about desired change, giving indigenous women a voice, or bringing people together for a common cause to affect meaningful change. It is therefore our responsibility to support efforts to increase indigenous women’s participation and inclusion at all levels of decision-making. This can…

Smart Agriculture To Help Combat Climate Change

The rains arrive later and last for a shorter period of time. Sustainable farming and herding strategies that minimize carbon production, save money, and make their farms and herds more wealthy have become the solution to Climate Change for a growing number of indigenous communities.

SWT Partnership With The National Land Commission

The Samburu Women Trust has formed a partnership with the National Land Commission to train both local bloggers and mainstream media personnel on land, develop a media guide on land reporting, and support efforts to strengthen government structures at the county level, among other things. NLC and SWT will provide critical technical assistance in the…

The Missing Voice: Indigenous Women Climate Change Impact

SWT visited several women’s networks in Laisamis subcounty, Logologo, with the goal of assessing and identifying needs as well as gaps in how women participate in land registration and the devastation caused by climate change. SWT is honored to support and lead women’s land and climate change solutions. One of the most pressing worldwide issues…


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