Indigenous Women Networks & PARAN Alliance Members

Indigenous women’s social movements are deliberate and well-organized, with the goal of bringing about desired change, giving indigenous women a voice, or bringing people together for a common cause to affect meaningful change.

It is therefore our responsibility to support efforts to increase indigenous women’s participation and inclusion at all levels of decision-making.

This can only be accomplished through strong indigenous women’s movements that are in the forefront of advocating for women’s rights to participate in decision-making processes, particularly those affecting development projects.

SWT has worked with indigenous women from many networks across Kenya to organize, plot, and elevate their voices on women’s inclusion in all decision-making settings for nearly five years.

Being the coordinator and secretariat of the Coalition of Indigenous Women (CIWO), a loose women’s network made up of IPs and minorities communities, organizations, and individual feminist activists from the 14 ASAL Counties.

SWT focuses its efforts on helping women establish, engage, and organize real and virtual alliances in order to achieve the change they desire from the movement.

In order to enhance the indigenous women’s movement, the Samburu Women’s Trust developed an indigenous women’s movement roadmap that offers and guides women’s organizations throughout the year on how to effectively prepare for various levels of engagement.

Indigenous women clusters, indigenous women periodic preparation forums, indigenous women gatherings, annual indigenous women conferences, and indigenous women assemblies are some of these initiatives.

These forums provide grassroots IPs with knowledge, skills, and information to help them comprehend what is going on at all levels of engagement.

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