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Special Funds

All closely aligned with our mission, that enables our organization to make extraordinary grants towards a better world for girls and women in pastoralists communities who are at risk of Female genital Mutilation; child engagement ‘beading’ and forced/early marriages.

These funds aim to facilitate to rescue young girls who are at risks or emergency situation including forced abortion; FGM; early/forced marriages and child beading practices and take them to safer grounds including a provision of sponsorship for these girls.

Any assistance that you can provide will be deeply appreciated by those who are in need of emergency assistance, education, health care or support to build a girls rescue facility at the community level. This facility will provide a life skills development for girls and single mothers who have no place to call home.

There are several ways that you can help Samburu Women Trust provide support and services to indigenous women and groups (girls).

Monetary Donations

To donate, please write a cheque to Samburu Women Trust and send it to the address found on the Contact page. Kindly specify if you would like to support a particular project or group or children; otherwise your donation will be used wherever it is most needed. Upon request, we will send you a report detailing where and how your donation was used.

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Samburu Women Trust is always interested in forming new partnership and collaboration with those working for similar causes. Our organization is only able to reach so many because of the cooperation of many other groups and organizations; it is through working with others that we have been able to accomplish all that we have. Please contact SWT if you would like to form a partnership or be informed of our current activities.

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