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Our Team

What is our goal in the long run?

We seek to build and enhance indigenous women and girls’ capacities using diverse strategies and approaches that are not in conflict with samburu cultural practices. Address traditional harmful practices that subjugate women position in the society and their roles.

"Exploitation, abuse and discrimination are some of the vices rampant on children growing up in pastoralist communities. The young ones are denied that special protection that is essential to develop physically, psychologically,  spiritually, morally and socially."

Jane Meriwas, Executive Director and Secretary to the Board; She is the focal point International advocacy and the women rights activist and she coordinates the day to day activities of the organisation, guide on project implementation, oversee budgetary of the project together with the Finance officer, key contact person in the project implementation by partners/donors and ensures submission of narrative and financial reports is done.)

John Leparsanti, Programme Officer;  John is a key responsible officer for resource mobilizing, training, engaging the community during the project implementation , community contact person, advisor and giving direction of project challenges, outcome and best approaches to development for success of the project implementation.

Alice Mwangi, Finance Officer:  Alice advises the Executive Director on all financial matters, Prepares reports for donors and annual reports, prepares and maintains the financial records.

Board of trustees: