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  • The Samburu Girl-Child

    Child beading (nkishooroto e saen e lmuarn) is a major cultural practice deeply entrenched in the Samburu community...
  • Women human rights

    We support and strengthen indigenous women efforts to access justice, protect women’s sexual and reproductive rights, and promote economic advancement...

  Her dream and quest for education has finally come true. She is a 12yrs old girl who has been obliged to the cultural norms by her believe not to go against her culture. Esther Ngiilu from Kililio village in Kipsing at Oldonyiro Ward joins Kipsing primary school with support from Samburu Women Trust. This is after her parents reported her quest for school to Samburu Women Trust when they repeatedly found her around the school compound always alleging that she is looking for their lost goats and only to realize that Esther wanted to be in school. Like many other parents in the samburu community, Esthers’ parents believe in girls being a source of wealth, hence the reason why Esther has been home looking after their livestock as they keep her waiting for a suitor.

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